Material about welded wire mesh Electro galvanized wire, hot-dipped galvanized,PVC coated. We choose the best low carbon wire or stainless steel wire material available in China. The high quality & reasonable price product is from the right material. The plant climbing frame is welded together with a mesh and a wire, and the inside is galvanized outside the pvc. Let the plants climb on top, so that the walls are no longer monotonous white, but become green plant walls, filled with small flowers of various colors, and the indoor and outdoor air is fresh, so that the owner’s vision is completely new. The size of the plant climbing frame is 1.2 m * 2.4 m. 5 cm thick and can also be customized. The color of the plant climbing frame is generally black, green and white, and different colors can be sprayed according to the customer’s preference.


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